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Why you should start boxing too

Boxing is not necessarily about fighting actual people or becoming the next Muhammad Ali. You can also pick up boxing or kickboxing as a great full body workout, much more fun than just doing a series…


Boxing workout tips and tricks

It’s all in the head. You can train your mental strength with disciplined training, pushing your limits and keeping at it even – or especially – when you feel like giving up. The power of your breath…


The perfect boxing app for all devices

We made sure that you can use on all your devices, so you have maximum liberty when it comes to where you want to work out. The app is not only compatible with your Android smartphone…


How to integrate to a home workout

In case you need some inspiration, here is an example of a workout that is great to do at home, targeting especially the core muscles besides the shoulders and arms. You can include breaks wherever…


How became a boxing app for anyone to get and stay fit

Back in 2020, in times of Covid-19 restrictions, it became practically impossible for many people to do sports like before with fitness centres, football clubs and especially boxing clubs closed…