How became a boxing app for anyone to get and stay fit

Back in 2020, in times of Covid-19 restrictions, it became practically impossible for many people to do sports like before with fitness centres, football clubs and especially boxing clubs closed. Frustrated not to be able to go to a boxing club to get sweating while kicking the shit out of the heavy bags there, we started doing home workouts. At first, one of us just shouted out the moves, but soon we wanted a better solution to train our reflexes. That is how was born.

We developed a very simple web-app that took over the role of shouting out random combinations of moves for us. Soon, we realised that we weren’t the only ones locked up at home craving for some way to keep boxing in their daily routine or to pick up boxing – because let’s be honest, there is no better way to get your endorphins flowing. So we decided to share the app with all of you, because everybody should be able to do decent workouts, even at home. We worked some very late hours to improve the features and design of the app and in summer 2020, the app was ready in the app store.

Since then, we have come a long way, but we also made sure to keep the app as simple and accessible as possible to ensure that also newcomers to boxing could use it right away. To shadowbox, you don’t need anything: no gloves, no heavy bag, just a little bit of space. If you have boxing equipment, you can of course use it. The idea is really to enable anyone who wants to box or kick box to do so. If you have any ideas how to further improve the app, please drop us a message! We’re always eager to brush it up for you.

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