The perfect boxing app for all devices

We made sure that you can use on all your devices, so you have maximum liberty when it comes to where you want to work out. The app is not only compatible with your Android smartphone, but you can also use it on any Android tablet. As is a web app, you can of course find it online. That means that you can access it on your laptop or any computer, tablet or phone that is connected to the Internet. If you can’t or don’t want to enable the sound or if you simply prefer seeing the combinations popping up on the screen, you might actually need a bigger screen than the one of your smartphone. To be able to actually read the combinations, we found it to be quite practical to connect our phone or laptop with a TV screen. That way you can easily read the boxing combos on the screen during your workout.

Whether you are accessing it from your smartphone, tablet or if you are using the desktop version, the app has the same full functionalities. However, the different devices naturally bring different advantages and disadvantages with them. We have done our best to make the app as user friendly as possible in all its different forms of course, but there are some things we simply can’t influence. is all about empowering you to train wherever and whenever you want to. You do not need a gym, a trainer or any equipment. can be a great solution for you if you want to make your home workouts more interesting by integrating some boxing or kickboxing sequences. It can also come in handy for you if you are a more advanced boxer and want to keep fit and train your reflexes at home. So take up any of your Android devices, install the or go to the web app version by simply typing into your search browser, and start boxing!

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