Boxing workout tips and tricks

It’s all in the head.

You can train your mental strength with disciplined training, pushing your limits and keeping at it even – or especially – when you feel like giving up.

The power of your breath.

Regular breathing during exertion will help you get through it. Your muscles need oxygen after all. Also, breathe out when punching - this can be quite an audible breath - it tightens up your abdominal muscles.

Your strongest muscle…

Is not in your arms or shoulders. It’s in your buttocks, and with the right technique you can channel its power into your fists. So during your routine workouts, do some squats and lunges.


Everything you sweat out, you need to drink during and after your workout. Hydrating well can also help to prevent your muscles getting sore. Hydrating is not just about water though: you should also think of the electrolytes* you’re losing when sweating.

*Electrolytes lost through sweating are namely sodium and chloride, but also potassium, magnesium, and calcium. As sports drinks are often full of sugar, rather eat some salted nuts (sodium and chloride), a banana (potassium), pumpkin seeds (magnesium) and some yogurt (calcium) after your workout.

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